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Mr. Malleck holds a BS in Finance and an MBA (Operations) from the University of Colorado. Since the year 2000 he has been co-founder, CEO/CFO/COO/Director of a series of early to mid-stage private companies and public companies in the medical devices, healthcare IT, SaaS, RFID and avionics industries.

Mr. Malleck worked at Hewlett-Packard Co as Controller for divisions in the semiconductors, workstations, analytical chemistry instrumentation, multi-user UNIX systems and medical devices (Patient Monitoring Systems) industries. He also managed operations for the Patient Monitoring business. He served in HP’s Asia-Pacific Region as Controller, Tax Manager and Treasury Manager, covering the 33 Field and Factory organizations in the Region, and later also served as Internal Audit Manager for Asia Pacific.

He has served on the Boards of 3 non-profit organizations; Junior Achievement, Loki Clan Wolf Refuge and The Financial Management Association of New Hampshire. He served in the US Army; Military Police Corps – 1971-73.

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