Using PET imaging, researchers can visualise the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion properties. Additionally, one of the key benefits of PET imaging is the ability to visualise candidate target-engagement in vivo. This allows researchers and companies to accurately predict the effectiveness of a drug within human earlier within the drug development process, ensuring the resources are used efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the PET imaging we also specialise in the utilisation of state of the art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to provide advanced structural and functional information. We have the knowledge, experience and the expertise to provide end-to-end support to clients and collaborators.

Imanova prides itself on

Expert knowledge in the application of PET and MRI imaging in support of drug development and disease understanding.

Clear customer focus to provide the right solution at the right time within the agreed budget.

Purpose-built facility to optimise output from scans and provides a comfortable experience for volunteers/subjects.

Breadth of service provision, from in vitro to in vivo and from new tracer discovery to routine clinical application.

The ability to bring the knowledge and expertise of our academic partners to facilitate innovation within the industry.

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