Preclinical Imaging Services

Preclinical Imaging Services

At Imanova, the clinical imaging portfolio is supported by an extensive range of preclinical services and other supporting technologies.

PET can help quantify and determine the biodistribution or target engagement of the candidate drug and understand the mechanisms of disease in vivo. Preclinical PET enables the Imanova scientists to:

  • Evaluate and characterise novel radiotracers and drugs prior to their administration in humans to:
    • Allow candidate selection through occupancy (dose-ranging) studies
    • Demonstrate early proof-of-principle and in vivo target engagement
    • Characterise novel radiotracers through the application of precision pharmacology
  • Allows development and assessment of imaging protocols and techniques prior to (and during) clinical implementation.
  • Enables the relevant experimental questions to be addressed that cannot be answered in human subjects during clinical studies.

The rodent imaging suite at Imanova houses a purpose built Siemens Inveon PET-CT scanner and supporting technologies. Imanova has implemented a broad range of disease models, and through its academic links has access to many more at short notice. All procedures are performed in accordance with the ASPA 1986 and EU directive 2010/63/EU.

We have extensive experience with supportive in vitro techniques, including autoradiography, radioligand binding and microscopy staining techniques, to correlate biological changes with quantitative imaging outcomes.