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Imanova case studies

Case studies Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively novel technology, and research on their effects is still...

Case studies PDE10

Researchers at Imanova Limited have produced and tested a promising new imaging biomarker which...

Case studies Subject Stratification

Subject Stratification

Imanova is undertaking studies with beta amyloid radioligands such as Amivid, Neuroseq and...

Case studies Use of MRI to visualise weight-loss under the skin

Use of MRI to visualise weight-loss under the skin

MRI structural scanning of the body has been used in a study of the weight-loss treatment...

Case studies Case Study

Case Study

Imanova benefits from its location in West London on the Imperial Hammersmith Campus. Located...

Case studies BioTie


Imanova’s analysis group reanalysed occupancy data from a 5-HT6 PET receptor occupancy study...

Case studies Drug Distribution –Evaluation of GSK 103 4702

Drug Distribution –Evaluation of GSK 103 4702

The ability to quantify the capacity of a central nervous system (CNS) drug to cross the human...

Case studies Dose Selection (early stage) – Vernalis

Dose Selection (early stage) – Vernalis

Imanova worked with Vernalis, a biotech company, on a drug candidate targeting the Adenosine...