PET/MRI scanner installed at Imanova

PET MR evolution1

The PET/MRI scanner, funded by and award from the Dementias Platform UK’s (DPUK) to Imperial College London (ICL), has performed the final tests in humans for training purposes and Imanova's team is currently finalising the validation tests.

This PET-MRI scanner is part of DPUK’s new Imaging Network, creating the first nationally coordinated PET-MRI network anywhere in the world (

The Imaging Network was set up to perform The Deep and Frequent Phenotyping (D&FP) study, a £6.9m research project designed to identify measurable characteristics (biomarkers), which can detect the occurrence of Alzheimer’s very early on in the progression of the disease.

Imanova will utilise its newly installed PET-MRI scanner to enable high-quality multi-modal images for this study as well as managing the central analysis of all the PET data.