New Imaging biomarkers (ligands) available at Imanova

Imanova is proud to provide a dedicated i-Biomarker discovery and development service and to have developed and implemented 23 imaging biomarkers to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard since 2012.

We have recently developed 5 new ligands, which are being implemented this year.

Recently implemented:

• L-[11C]Methionine – As essential amino acid, methionine is avidly taken up by metabolically active tissue. The signal provided by L-[11C]Methionine can be used as an indication of increased amino acid uptake and protein synthesis rate in e.g. oncology studies or hyperparathyroidism., L-[11C]Methionine displays relatively low uptake in healthy brain tissue whereas an avid uptake can be observed in brain tumors, providing much better signal to noise compared to [18F]FDG . Imanova will shortly initiate the first study involving this tracer at our facilities.

To be implemented in 2016:

• [11C]MDL100907 – A 5-HT2A receptor antagonist ligand, implemented at Imanova to support basic clinical research to understand the role of this receptor in various neurological and psychiatric disorders in addition to providing an opportunity for receptor occupancy studies to support drug development.

• [11C]UCB-J – A specific and selective PET tracer for the synaptic vesicle protein SV2A. This protein is expressed on neuronal synapses and, as such, provides an important tool to monitor neurodegeneration, both as part of the normal ageing process as well as in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

• [18F]BCPP-EF – A recently developed tool compound for delineation of mitochondrial complex 1 (MC1). This target is of significant interest as a potential early marker of neurodegenerative processes.

• [18F]GE216/THK5351 – A recently developed tracer to delineate tau neurofibrillary tangle accumulation in neurodegenerative disorders. In contrast to high amyloid burden, high tau burden does appear to correlate with disease severity. This makes tau tracers key tool compounds to help understand the neurodegenerative disease process in a variety of neurological disorders as well as assisting with patient stratification for inclusion into phase 2/3 drug development studies.


We have the capability and experience to help identify, evaluate, develop and implement biomarker candidates for use in both preclinical models and clinical (in humans) studies.

In addition to neurosciences, Imanova offers i-Biomarker development for other key therapeutic areas including oncology, inflammation, cardiology and respiratory diseases.