Improved experience for Dementia sufferers during imaging – Imanova’s clinical team complete Alzheimer’s Society expert training programme

London, September 2015: The latest stats from the Alzheimer’s Society estimates that there are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, with this number rising to 1 million within the next decade. The number of people with dementia is steadily increasing. Imanova Limited, like the Alzheimer’s Society believes that careful planning for the future is needed now to ensure that the right care and support is available.

As a result, Imanova approached the Alzheimer’s Society to provide training for their staff and help facilitate expanded understanding of dementia. This will improve the experience for patients when engaging with Imanova for any imaging studies. 

‘We are currently involved in several studies looking at Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.  Through our involvement with the UK Dementia Platform the scope for imaging volunteers with dementia will increase. We recognised that we had an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the challenges that volunteers may face and decided to be proactive and engage the Alzheimer’s Society for training” said Ryan Janisch, Senior Imanova PET/CT Technologist.

The Alzheimer’s Society provided a 1-day course entitled ‘Step Inside’, which was very positively received by a variety of staff at Imanova.  Through an interactive series of exercises and thought-provoking presentations, employees felt they had gained eye-opening insight into the signs and symptoms of dementia, as well as issues and experiences that volunteers may have when attending any imaging studies.  Most staff took the opportunity to sit an exam which has provided them with a Foundation Certificate in Dementia Awareness.

“This is exactly the sort of proactive behaviour we value from our team” said Jan Passchier, Director of Operations at Imanova. ‘We greatly support the aims of the Alzheimer’s Society and are appreciative for the opportunity they have provided’ added Kevin Cox, CEO for Imanova.

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