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Imanova Secures License from Cerveau Technologies, Inc. to Manufacture Investigational Tau Ligand, [18F]MK-6240

This week Imanova has signed an agreement that grants the company the right to manufacture for distr...
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MIND MAPS - scanning completed on the first participants

mindmaps ligandsImanova is pleased to announce that the scanning has been completed on the first participants in the...
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Imanova implements three PET ligands for neurodegeneration

MIND MAPS ligands smallIn the scope of the MIND MAPS programme Imanova has recently completed the implementation of three P...
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PET imaging agents may allow earlier diagnosis of cardiotoxicity

Cardiotoxity is one of the most important adverse reactions of chemotherapy, significantly reducing ...
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Imanova receives £1m award from the MRC to develop early markers of dementia - the MIND-MAPS study

Following a £0.5m Medical Research Council (MRC) grant to implement new Positron Emission Tomography...
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